Members of the Wright Lab

Pat Wright

Principal Investigator – University of Guelph Contact Email: Office: SCIE 3468 Ext: 52719 Lab: SCIE 3407/3408 Ext: 58385   Education B.Sc. – McMaster Ph.D. – UBC As a senior undergraduate research student at McMaster University, I worked in the lab of Dr. Chris Wood and conducted experiments on ammonia transport across the gills of rainbow trout. This led me […]

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Andy Turko

PhD candidate studying amphibious fishes I am interested in the morphological and physiological strategies used by amphibious fishes to survive in both aquatic and terrestrial habitats. Moving between these environments poses severe respiratory, osmoregulatory, and mechanical challenges for fishes – how do they do it? My current research is focused on understanding how fish out […]

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Tessa Blanchard

MSc candidate studying amphibious respiratory plasticity M.Sc. Candidate  Research Interests: Inter-strain variation in respiratory performance My Masters research is focused on understanding why differences exist in respiratory performance across amphibious fishes out of water. To answer this question, I aim to address whether differences in performance out of water across genetic lineages of Kryptolebias marmoratus are […]

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