Graduate positions in comparative cardiovascular physiology

The Gillis Lab at the University of Guelph is looking for MSc and PhD students interested in comparative cardiovascular physiology. Current areas of focus include understanding the ability of the hagfish heart to survive anoxia exposure; the influence of thermal acclimation on the structure and function of the teleost heart; and the cellular basis of heart regeneration in comparative models. These projects utilize complementary approaches that enable research questions to be answered across multiple levels of biological organization. These include quantitative metabolomics and proteomics, isolated mitochondrial preparations, histological techniques, and cardiac ultrasound. Members of the Gillis Lab work in the Hagen Aqualab, a nationally recognized facility for aquatic research, as well as at Bamfield Marine Science Center. To learn about recent work please see PMIDs: 31197188, 35243359, 37302568, 24577447, and 32651221. Applicants should contact Dr. Todd Gillis ([email protected]) to discuss research interests. Start time is flexible. Further information about the Gillis Lab can be found at: Applications from equity seeking groups are encouraged.