Together with my colleague Dr Thomas Flatt from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) , I organized a society-wide symposium (Society for Evolutionary Biology) entitled “Mechanisms of Life History Evolution” at the International Evolution Meetings in Minneapolis in 2008. The symposium selection process was extremely competitive, and our symposium was selected from a pool of applications and financially supported by the Society for Evolution and Fisher Scientific. After the symposium, we were approached by Oxford University Press to publish an edited volume on this subject which we accepted. This book was published in May 2011. It contains 29 chapters on state of the art science in mechanisms underlying life history evolution. I wrote or co-wrote 3 chapters in the book, edited half of the chapters, co-edited the other half and wrote 6 section summaries. This book has received very positive feedback in peer reviewed journals in the field:

1.    Beckerman in Times Higher Education (

2.    N. G. Prasad in Journal of Genetics (

3.    M. Viney in Quarterly Review of Biology (