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Comparative Physiology @ Guelph

NanoBionix sample loading

Protocol for Setting up the Nanobionix for testing

  1. Warming up the control unit overnight is recommended.  Turn the Nano Instruments control unit on by opening the front flap and pressing the power button.  This should also turn on the CDA control unit.
  2. Insure that the safety pins are in place and turn the air table on.
  3. Open Testworks 4 software.  NOTE: there is no password
  4. Choose the desired method to run


Protocol for loading the sample on to the testing apparatus using Load Sample Utility (a program that minimizes the piston from jumping).

  1. Make sure that the grips are in position such that the sample can be loaded without moving the grips.  Once you are in the Load Sample Utility, you will not be able to move the grips.
  2. Right click in the center of the buttons panel and choose “Load Sample Utility”
  3. Press next.  Slowly and gently take the top pin (A) out first and then the bottom pin (B).  This order of removing the pins will minimize the movement of the piston.  Make sure you are pulling the pins straight out.   It is normal to see a significant jump from the piston.
  4. Press next and wait for the prompt to return the pins back.  When placing the pins back, insert the bottom pin (B) first and then the top pin (A).   Make sure never to force the pins in, gently guide it back in as straight as possible.
  5. Load your sample by securing the top grip first and then the bottom grip.  Carefully, cut the side supports.
  6. Press next and then cancel out of Load Sample Utility.
  7. Create slack in the fibre by bringing the grips closer together.
  8. Carefully, pull the top pin (A) straight out.  When pulling out the bottom pin (B), guide the pin slightly in an upward direction, stopping momentarily whenever you feel the piston against the pin.