Members of the Wright Lab

Pat Wright

Principal Investigator – University of Guelph Contact Email: [email protected] Office: SCIE 3468 Ext: 52719 Lab: SCIE 3407/3408 Ext: 58385   Education B.Sc. – McMaster Ph.D. – UBC As a senior undergraduate research student at McMaster University, I worked in the lab of Dr. Chris Wood and conducted experiments on ammonia transport across the gills of rainbow trout. This led me […]

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Giulia Rossi

My Ph.D. research focuses on understanding how amphibious fishes acclimate to two vastly different environments – land and water – using the same suite of structural and physiological traits. I am currently investigating the role of skeletal muscle remodeling in improving the locomotor performance of amphibious fishes in both aquatic and terrestrial settings. I am […]

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Louise Tunnah

For my PhD work I am interested in the respiratory physiology of amphibious fishes. These fish respire in both air and in water – two very different environments. I am interested in understanding the physiological mechanisms that allow them to achieve this feat. Specifically, I am interested in looking at flexibility in blood parameters like […]

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