Environmental Physiology Lab

Environmental Physiology Lab

Welcome to the Environmental Physiology Lab at the University of Guelph led by Dr. Patricia Wright.

We are interested in how animals cope with changes in the environment. We explore the strategies that amphibious fishes use to survive and thrive out of water. We have conducted field work in Belize where the self-fertilizing, amphibious mangrove rivulus (Kryptolebias marmoratus) reside in crab burrows in the forest floor. Learn more at Research.

Research in our lab for many years has been focused on nitrogen metabolism and excretion. Elevated ammonia in the environment is toxic to fish. Recently, we have studied the mechanisms of ammonia transport across fish gills, skin and kidney. We have been interested in the pathways for ammonia excretion. Also, we have examined the pathways for urea transport and excretion. Learn more at Research.

Wright Lab News

Andy Turko defends his PhD successfully!

On October 9, 2018 Andy became Dr. Turko – congratulations to Andy on a terrific defense. Andy started a collaborative PDF involving researchers at McMaster University, the University of Windsor, and the Toronto Zoo.

Andy Turko writes review on a preprint for the Company of Biologists

The Company of Biologists have launched  “preLights” (https://prelights.biologists.com/). preLights is a community platform for selecting, highlighting and commenting on recent preprints from across the biological sciences. With this service, COB aims to help researchers discover the most interesting and relevant preprints from the growing archive of manuscripts deposited on bioRxiv and other preprint servers.

PhD candidate, Andy Turko, writes a brief review on an excellent preprint for the launch of preLights. Click here to read Andy’s review.

The Wright Lab hosts the Canadian Association for Girls in Science

“For girls, run by girls”

The undergraduate and graduate students of the Wright Lab hosted the Canadian Association for Girls in Science this February 2018. The girls learned about the amazing intertidal animals on the east coast of Canada and were guided through squid dissections by members of the Wright Lab – a great day for all!

Research in the Wright Lab