Comparative Functional Genomics Lab

Comparative Functional Genomics Lab

Welcome to the Comparative Functional Genomics Laboratory at the University of Guelph led by Dr. Andreas Heyland ([email protected]).  Dr. Heyland’s laboratory uses novel functional genomics approaches to study the endocrine and neuroendocrine systems of aquatic invertebrates. Specifically he investigates the function and evolution of hormonal and neurotransmitter signaling systems in the regulation of development and metamorphosis. His research includes Evolutionary development studies of marine invertebrate metamorphosis, eco-toxicogenomic approached to understand endocrine disruption in aquatic ecosystems and water remediation technologies. These projects are integrated with several national and international collaborations ranging form basic scientific work to industry partnerships.

Our research program includes the following projects:

1)      Application of Functional Genomics Approaches to Emerging Models

2)      Mechanisms of Life History Evolution

3)      Iodine and thyroid hormone function in larval development of sea urchins

4)      Histamine function in metamorphic competence of sea urchin larvae

5)      Microalgae monitoring strategies


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